Filmonik Gorilla Kabaret 2013

‘Well Oiled’, a short film, written, shot and cut in a day at the Filmonik Gorilla Kabaret 2013; a four day guerilla filmmaking event.

This video is not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.

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Radio Silence Premieres at Grimmfest 2013


The festival runs from 2nd – 6th Oct.

On Wednesday Radio Silence premiered at the 1200 seat Art Deco Plaza Super Cinema in Stockport as part of Grimmfest, Manchester’s top horror and cult film festival.

Selected for the preview night we were lucky to be screened alongside Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, a fully restored fortieth anniversary HD edition of The Wicker Man and the Curse of Chucky.

Wicker Man Director Robin Hardy was in attendance on his 84th birthday, answering fans’ questions in a Q&A after The Wicker Man screening.

Thank you to everybody who attended on the night and to the Grimmfest team (in particular Sim, Rachel, Steve, Jess and Laura) for being so accomodating and for also allowing us to screen Radio Silence on the opening night of the festival.

The Stockport Plaza (© Alex Speechley 2013)

The Stockport Plaza (© Alex Speechley 2013)

Radio Silence and Curse of Chucky (© Alex Speechley 2013)

Radio Silence and Curse of Chucky (© Alex Speechley 2013)

Introducing the film with Mat Johns and Festival Director Simeon Halligan (© Naomi Pattirane 2013)

Introducing the film with Festival Director Simeon Halligan (© Naomi Pattirane 2013)

Initial feedback on the film has been overwelmingly positive and posted below are some of the responses which we received via Twitter. John Townsend has also written a review of the preview night on Horror Asylum and said that Radio Silence was set to be one of the stars of the festival.

If you attended the screening you can help us out by rating and reviewing the film on IMDb here.

Mat and I are in the process of submitting the film to other film festivals and a good rating or review on IMDb can be invaluable. Reviews don’t have to be longwinded, a couple of sentences would do.

The next screening of Radio Silence will take place on 27th October at Scardiff, and tickets for this event can be purchased in advance here. If you’d like to be notified of future screenings please follow the film on either Facebook or Twitter.

Grimmfest continues today and ends tomorrow, for a full list of films screening over the weekend visit

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Filmonik Kabaret 2013

‘Zombie Cats On Mars’, a parody of ‘Life On Mars’ by David Bowie, written, recorded, shot and cut in four days at the Filmonik Kabaret 2013; a week long guerilla filmmaking event.

This video is not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.




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Virgin Media Shorts 2013

‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ is a short film that I produced for this year’s Virgin Media Shorts competition.

Starring John Dutton and Leo Fernandez-Arias the film was shot over the course of two days (22nd and 23rd June) on the Duchy Estate in Salford.

A shortlist of 12 films will now be decided by a panel of movie industry judges, including This Is England director, Shane Meadows, Spike Island director Mat Whitecross, film critic James King and 2011 Grand Prize Winner, Jason Wingard.

However, for the second year running, Virgin Media Shorts are opening up a ‘lucky’ 13th spot – letting the public choose which lucky film will make up the 13th spot on the shortlist.

The Lucky 13 shortlist entry will be awarded to the film which generates the most Twitter buzz between 22nd and 28th July.

To vote for ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ follow the link below and click on the Twitter ‘share’ option found underneath the film.

Alternatively you can vote directly on Twitter by copying and pasting the following text into a tweet:

I’ve just voted for When I’m Sixty-Four (via @VMShorts) #VMShortsVote

Please support the film by liking us at Behind the scenes photos and videos will be posted on the Facebook page within the coming weeks.

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Four4 Short Film Competition 2013

In the past couple of months, Mat Johns and I have made four 16 second horror films for the Four4 Short Film Competition. All four films, ‘Moving In’, ‘Last Person’, ‘Smile’ and ‘Going Out’ have been shortlisted and now stand a chance of winning £1,000, but we need YOUR help to win, as the winner is decided entirely by a public Twitter vote.

It will take you under two minutes to watch and vote for all four films. Links to ‘Moving In’, ‘Last Person’, ‘Smile’ and ‘Going Out’ can be found below, and instructions on how to vote for the films on Twitter can be found under each video.

Please cast a vote for ALL four films. If you only vote for your favourite, this will result in a split vote and greatly reduce our chances of winning the competition!


To vote for ‘Moving In’ RT this tweet or click on this button:

To vote for ‘Last Person’ RT this tweet or click on this button:

To vote for ‘Smile’ RT this tweet or click on this button:

To vote for ‘Going Out’ RT this tweet or click on this button:

Four4 video updates, featuring behind the scenes interviews for all four films, will be uploaded to this Facebook event every week. If you’re interested in seeing how we made each film please join this Facebook event and encourage others to vote on Twitter by sharing the videos that we upload!

If any of the four films above goes onto win the cash prize, each member of cast and crew who worked on it will be paid £50, and the remaining money will be used to submit Radio Silence, a short film that the majority of the Four4 cast and crew also worked on, to international film festivals. Our sole reason for making so many entries for the Four4 competition was to increase our chances of raising money to continue funding Radio Silence, and if enough people vote for these four films on Twitter we will be in a great position to have the film seen by a wide audience.

Radio Silence stars up and coming actress, Tracey Sheals, as well as a cameo by Neil Bell (Dead Man’s Shoes, 24 Hour Party People), and was shot over eight days around Manchester and Salford.

In my opinion, Radio Silence is Mat’s best work to date; and if you have seen Mat’s previous work, you will be aware of how gifted a filmmaker he is. However, if you’ve missed out on any of Mat’s recent films, treat yourself to a viewing of the critically acclaimed ‘Run’ and the international award winning ‘Kiss’.

Needless to say, any help spreading the word about our Four4 entries will be much appreciated! You can help by sharing this post on Facebook, encouraging others to vote on Twitter and by reposting the links on your own blog. Email it to a friend, tell your mum, tell your gran, and if you’re not on Twitter yet then sign up here!

Lastly (but certainly not least), I am proud to announce that ‘Trollied’, another film I produced for the competition, but that isn’t linked with Radio Silence, also made the shortlist. Directed by Jenny Longworth, the film is a remake of a short film of the same name that Jenny originally made at the Filmonik Guerrilla Kabaret in 2011. If you enjoy the film please consider voting for this too!

To vote for ‘Trollied’ RT this tweet or click on this button:

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Transformers – It Never Ends

Colin Warhurst directed and starred in this Transformers fan film, which was made for Filmonik Screening #61.

It was shot in little more than an hour and features Jane Leadbetter‘s sons Ross and Joe. I’m credited as camera operator.

This video is not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.

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Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2013

Earlier in the month I took part in the Sci-Fi London 48 hour Film Challenge, a short film competition in which you have to produce a 3 to 5 minute film in just 48 hours.

The organisers, Sci-Fi London Film Festival, provided each participating team with a brief at noon on the Saturday and all films had to be submitted by 1pm on the Monday. The brief contained a list of ‘elements’ that had to be included in the film (title, a line of dialogue, prop) and an optional scientific theme which we decided not to use.

This was our brief:

Line: “Regard it, inspect it, admire it, this will be your only opportunity.”
Prop: “A calender – a character marks a date, then rips another page out of the calender and throws it into a bin.”
Theme: A year long eclipse occurs which changes the world forever.

It was very much a last minute decision to take part, and our team (The North West Avengers) was put together in less than four days. Colin Warhurst approached me on the Tuesday to see if I was interested in submitting a team, and by the following Monday we had a finished film.

Thanks to all the cast and crew who agreed to take part at such short notice, and furthermore to all the cast who don’t appear on screen but kindly agreed to be on ‘standby’. A full list of credits (along with luvvy duvvy thank yous!) can be found on Col’s blog here.

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Guerilla Style – Parody of PSY’s Gangnam Style

Parody of ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY, made at the Filmonik Mini Kabaret 2012; a four day guerilla filmmaking event.

The song was written and recorded on the Thursday, storyboarded on the Friday, shot on the Saturday and cut and screened on the Sunday.

Thank you to all involved, particularly to Dave Kavagnagh and Chris Taylor of NoiseBoy Studios.

This video is not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.

On location outside the Lowry Outlet Mall (© Richard Addlesee 2012)

On location with Joseph Stacey (© Richard Addlesee 2012)

Two actors… dressed as lobsters (© Richard Addlesee 2012)

Rehearsing the final dance (© Richard Addlesee 2012)

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Radio Silence Principle Photography Complete

Tracey Sheals as Elaine in Radio Silence (© John Grey 2012)

‘Radio Silence’, the second collaboration between Zero Facility Films and Chris Lane Productions completed principle photography on Monday.

Written by Virgin Media Shorts’ finalists, Dean Lines and Ray Bogdanovich, and starring Tracey Sheals, the film was shot over the course of six days.

The winter segment of the film was shot over two days (18th, 19th) and the summer segment of the film was shot over four (24th, 25th, 26th, 27th).

Pick ups will be shot later in the year. If you’d like to follow the film’s progress we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Will Power Premieres at the ODEON Trafford Centre

Will Power on the big screen (© Gareth Crook 2012)

On Tuesday Will Power premiered to a sold out audience of 230 at the ODEON Trafford Centre. It was fantastic to see the film on the big screen after many months of hard work by all involved. The film went down really well and after the screening we received some extremely positive feedback from various attendees.

Ric Michael,  former Head of Development at Baby Cow Manchester said Will Power was a great production, very watchable, with some lovely laugh out loud moments. Dan Crooke called it ‘Outstanding’, whilst Paul Coppack said it was a ‘great little film’. Lynne Edwards said that it was amazing and that she loved every minute of it. Dale McCarthy thought it was an epically funny British movie, and Team Keppel called it an amazing achievement by all involved.

Luke Grayson has posted a review on IMDb which you can read here (warning – contains spoilers!) and Richard Bullock has gone to great lengths by posting a review of Will Power on Youtube. You can watch Richard’s review here.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

The film is now being considered for film festivals, and has the potential to be developed and commissioned as a stand-alone, one-off TV comedy drama. Don’t forget that you can follow the film’s progress on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

In the meantime Ben Mottershead has posted a fantastic behind the scenes montage video which you can watch below – hopefully it captures how much fun we had making the film. James Kelly, composer on Will Power, has also added some musical highlights to SoundCloud for you to enjoy.

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