A Father’s Day Thunderclap Campaign

On 11 May 2015, I’ll be launching a crowdfunding campign on Crowdfunder to raise additional monies for a short film that I’m producing called, ‘A Father’s Day’. It’s a modern zombie flick with a bit of a difference and Mat Johns is set to direct.

Although we’ve already secured some funding, we will need to raise additional monies via crowdfunding to make this film a reality and to ensure that it’s the best it can be.

Crowdfunding campaigns are time consuming, and a majority fail, at least in part, due to a lack of promotion at the outset. Thousands of crowdfunding campigns are launched everyday and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. In an attempt to ensure that our campign gets off to a strong start I’ve setup a campign on a new platform called Thunderclap.

It’s best to think of Thunderclap as an “online flash mob”. Our Thunderclap campign launched yesterday and you can sign up by clicking on the ‘Join this Thunderclap’ button in the widget above. If more than 100 people sign up, ThunderClap will automatically post a message about A Father’s Day on either your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account the day our Crowdfunder launches.

It only takes a second to sign up and it’ll really make a difference in spreading the word about our crowdfunding campign.

Thunderclap is completely safe to use and will only post a single message on your behalf. After the campaign is complete Thunderclap won’t post any additional messages or spam.

Please show your support for the film by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and by using the hashtag #AFathersDay. The plan is to shoot in the summer and to complete the film by September before submitting to festivals. Thanks in advance for your support.


mylittlebrother – ‘Song About Amsterdam’

Music video for mylittlebrother‘s ‘Song About Amsterdam’, taken from the band’s debut album ‘If We Never Came Down‘.

Will Harris, mylittlebrother’s lead singer-songwriter, is an old friend and this song used to be part of his live set whilst I was studying in Carlisle. It’s always been a favourite of mine so when Will approached me to make the video I was more than happy to help.

Thanks to Kenneth James for helping out with both lighting and the grade, and to Andrew Cullimore, Davinia Jokhi, Serena Ryan, Pete Garvey and Mat Johns for appearing on screen. Special thanks goes to the Salisbury Ale House for turning a blind eye to our terrible attempt at covert filming; it’s not easy to keep a low profile whilst your lead actor is strutting around the pub with a GoPro stuck to his head.

‘If We Never Came Down’ is available to stream below. If you enjoy what you hear consider giving the band a ‘Like’ on Facebook, or a follow on Twitter.

Foetal Juice – ‘Albert Grindstein’

Music video for Foetal Juice’s new song ‘Albert Grindstein’, taken from their upcoming split CD with Human Landfill.

Directed by Mat Johns, I co-produced, and dabbled in a bit of lighting and sound on the day too.

Thanks to everybody involved, especially John Grey, Kenneth James and William Morris. Behind the scenes stills from the shoot (taken by the lovely Kenneth) can be viewed online here.

The split CD is to be released via Grindscene Records and the song is available to buy now from foetaljuice.bandcamp.com.

That's a wrap! (© Kenneth James 2014)
That’s a wrap! (© Kenneth James 2014)

The X England Managers – ‘Brazil or Bust’

The brainchild of Writer/Producer Jason Brierley, ‘The X England Managers’ were put together for the sole purpose of performing World Cup song ‘Brazil or Bust’, and are fronted by Leon Meya of indie band Northern Uproar.

Directed by Colin Warhurst, with myself and Leo Worne on camera, it was shot back in April at the Greenbrow Social Club in Wythenshawe.

The video is fast approaching 10,000 views on YouTube and has recieved a fair bit of local press to date with articles appearing in the Stockport Express, Mancunian Matters and the Manchester Evening News.

Released as a single last week the song is now available to buy via iTunes and Amazon. However, if you’ve inadvertently spent your last pennies on a tacky England flag for your motor, fear not! You can always stream it for free on Spotify below.

Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2014

Last year Colin Warhurst and I took part in the Sci-Fi London 48 hour Film Challenge at very short notice. This year we we so organised that our team (North West Avengers) even had a Twitter account!

The premise of the competition is to produce a 3 to 5 minute film in just 48 hours and this was the brief that had to adhere to:

Line: “Deep brain stimulation was going to solve our problems.”
Prop: Pen – We see a character use a broken pen, then find another that works and writes with it.
Science: Billions have a brain interface connected directly to the cloud, which a terrorist network has now hacked.

Thanks to everybody involved, particularly Filmonik and SSR Manchester for letting us use their facilities.

Team Selfie (© Emma Stone 2014)
Team Selfie (© Emma Stone 2014)

Radio Silence Premieres at Grimmfest 2013

The festival runs from 2nd – 6th Oct.

On Wednesday Radio Silence premiered at the 1200 seat Art Deco Plaza Super Cinema in Stockport as part of Grimmfest, Manchester’s top horror and cult film festival.

Selected for the preview night we were lucky to be screened alongside Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, a fully restored fortieth anniversary HD edition of The Wicker Man and the Curse of Chucky.

Wicker Man Director Robin Hardy was in attendance on his 84th birthday, answering fans’ questions in a Q&A after The Wicker Man screening.

Thank you to everybody who attended on the night and to the Grimmfest team (in particular Sim, Rachel, Steve, Jess and Laura) for being so accomodating and for also allowing us to screen Radio Silence on the opening night of the festival.

The Stockport Plaza (© Alex Speechley 2013)
The Stockport Plaza (© Alex Speechley 2013)
Radio Silence and Curse of Chucky (© Alex Speechley 2013)
Radio Silence and Curse of Chucky (© Alex Speechley 2013)
Introducing the film with Mat Johns and Festival Director Simeon Halligan (© Naomi Pattirane 2013)
Introducing the film with Festival Director Simeon Halligan (© Naomi Pattirane 2013)

Initial feedback on the film has been overwelmingly positive and posted below are some of the responses which we received via Twitter. John Townsend has also written a review of the preview night on Horror Asylum and said that Radio Silence was set to be one of the stars of the festival.

If you attended the screening you can help us out by rating and reviewing the film on IMDb here.

Mat and I are in the process of submitting the film to other film festivals and a good rating or review on IMDb can be invaluable. Reviews don’t have to be longwinded, a couple of sentences would do.

The next screening of Radio Silence will take place on 27th October at Scardiff, and tickets for this event can be purchased in advance here. If you’d like to be notified of future screenings please follow the film on either Facebook or Twitter.

Grimmfest continues today and ends tomorrow, for a full list of films screening over the weekend visit www.grimmfest.com.

Virgin Media Shorts 2013

‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ is a short film that I produced for this year’s Virgin Media Shorts competition.

Starring John Dutton and Leo Fernandez-Arias the film was shot over the course of two days on the Duchy Estate in Salford.

A shortlist of 12 films will now be decided by a panel of movie industry judges, including This Is England director, Shane Meadows, Spike Island director Mat Whitecross, film critic James King and 2011 Grand Prize Winner, Jason Wingard.

However, for the second year running, Virgin Media Shorts are opening up a ‘lucky’ 13th spot – letting the public choose which lucky film will make up the 13th spot on the shortlist.

The Lucky 13 shortlist entry will be awarded to the film which generates the most Twitter buzz between 22nd and 28th July.

To vote for ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ follow the link below and click on the Twitter ‘share’ option found underneath the film.


Please support the film by ‘liking’ the film’s Facebook page at facebook.com/whenimsixtyfour.